Studying in Singapore

Studying in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Home to the two largest universities in Asia

Singapore is often referred to as the hub of Asia, and Singapore has universities that are among the top 20 in the world . Singapore is a great study destination in Asia that deserves the attention of international students.

Studying in Singapore
A quick overview of Singapore
Culture and society in Singapore
The cost of living in Singapore
Education in Singapore
Tuition fees in Singapore
Universities in Singapore
Top 10 universities in Singapore
University admission requirements in Singapore
Student study visa in Singapore
University admission procedures in Singapore
How to spend free time
A quick overview of Singapore:
Studying and living in Singapore

Popularly known as The” Lion City”, Singapore consists of one large island surrounded by 63 mostly uninhabited islets. It is one of the three countries in the world that has only one city, over the years Singapore has become one of the most prominent in Asia, as well as the world. It is a global hub in Asia, its financial and trading capabilities have made it a destination for investment, due to the ease of starting a business, being the third largest economy in the region, the oil refining process, and many World Trade Centers. The country’s port is one of the busiest, while Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines have won many awards over the years. Moreover, Singapore is ranked as one of the highest countries in the world in the Human Development Index, which provides a good quality of life for citizens. Singapore is not only a successful economy, but more than that there are wonderful universities with a world-class level of education, all to push the country towards greater successes and to become the main hub in Asia for all purposes, along with Hong Kong.

Culture and society in Singapore:

Singapore’s strict laws, such as the ban on chewing gum in the country have made Singapore a clean and safe place to stay. The majority of Singaporeans use public transport and it is available throughout the city, punctual and very convenient, which reduces traffic on the roads before and after business hours.

The many things that Singapore has to offer have made it a country with a high population density,where six million people live, and this is one of the negatives of the country. Sometimes new residents of Singapore feel scared that they will not acclimatize in the country and find it difficult to place them during the first few months. Due to the high population density, Singapore has become the most expensive city in the world . Living costs are two to three times higher than in New York and London.

Singapore consists of a multicultural community of Singaporeans as well as expats. The official languages in Singapore are multiple due to the fact that the community consisted of several ethnicities, the languages are: English, Mandarin, Tamil and Malay. Therefore, there are several annual celebrations held in Singapore, as each category of Singaporean society performs its cultural celebrations uniquely and distinct from other races.

What is the cost of living in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, accommodation in Singapore costs quite expensive. For all the services that the country provides, Be it in education, transport, entertainment or the global influence of a country of several nationalities, everything that has gone before is worth such a high cost of living. Most citizens of the country own their places of residence, both houses and apartments. The country, simply put, is made up of people with a high sense of sociability and a love of competition, it is possible that Singapore will be your ideal destination. Here are the approximate costs of living costs for one person :

Cost in US dollars (per month) cost in Singapore dollars (per month)
111 – 600 150 – 800 housing (residential unit)
1.34 1.8 transportation (single ticket)
6 – 9 8 – 12 food (meal)
9 12 cinema tickets (one ticket)
37 50 mobile internet packages
77 103.5 clothes (Levi’s jeans)
Education in Singapore:
The majority of early education in Singapore is funded by the government, in order to create a more educated society. The education system in Singapore is permeated by a bilingual policy where the language of instruction is English with the addition of any of the following languages( Malay, Mandarin or Tamil). Graduates of this country certainly have high skills and abilities that enable them to stand out in competitive environments. As for Higher Education, Singapore is both a city and a state, it is considered to have a relatively small territory, and the establishment of several universities is almost impossible. To conquer this, Singapore has done its best in the educational aspect, there are dozens of national and private universities, and some universities specialized in certain fields.

Why study in Singapore

What is the cost of studying in Singapore
Singapore universities often compete for their tuition fees with countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, but it is noted that more than half of foreign students residing in Singapore are usually students with scholarships from various sources. The following is the general cost of tuition fees for international students at Singapore universities :

Tuition fees in US dollars (per year) tuition fees in Singapore dollars (per year) academic level
6,700 – 9,000 9,000 – 12,000 preparatory year
6,000 – 8,200 8,000 – 11,000 diploma
12,700 – 41,000 17,000 – 55,000 Bachelor’s degree
13,400 – 65,600 18,000 – 88,000 Masters

Universities in Singapore:

Universities in Singapore are usually of the highest standards and therefore the tuition fee rates are considered corresponding to this. The country provides a very productive and competentcompetitive education in the field of management and Information Technology. International students visiting Singapore, will find some of the world’s leading institutions in Singapore such as National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University.

Moreover, Singapore has some of the most impressive academic collaborations at the global level such as the Singapore University of technology and design, its partnership with MIT and the Chinese University of Zhejiang. And also, Yale NUS College and its partnership with the National University of Singapore and the American Yale University. Although there are only two universities from Singapore in the list of the top 15 global universities in the QS ranking, the rest of the universities in the country are considered very strong universities in the field of Higher Education.

Which are the best universities in Singapore

Below we show you the best universities in Singapore for 2021:

1-National University of Singapore | National University of Singapore

2-Nanyang Technological University | Nanyang Technological University

3-Singapore Management University | Singapore Management University

4-Singapore University of technology and Design | Singapore University of Technology and Design

5-Singapore University of Social Sciences | Singapore University of Social Sciences

What are the university admission requirements in Singapore
It can often be difficult to gain admission to Singapore universities, given the competition from students around the world and the limited scope for admission. Most universities ask applicants for proof of English language proficiency, which can be obtained through an English language test such as the TOEFL or IELTS English language exams.

Student study visa in Singapore:

Once you are admitted to the University of your choice, the student visa will be applied for by the university itself. However ,you must submit an application for obtaining a pass application from the immigration website and electronic checkpoints, and this is one to two months before the start of study. You can apply on the website after receiving certain details from the University after admission, and you must provide the following :
The e-form sextin model ( e-Form 16).
Passport details
Your university address
Your email address
Personal photo
Upon arrival in Singapore, you must visit the ICA headquarters to obtain your student permit with the payment of the required fee of USD 60.

University admission procedures in Singapore:

In order to understand the application process and choose the right university for you and how to apply for a student visa, please see the image below, which is a simplified explanation of all the steps you should follow:

University admission requirements in Singapore

How to spend free time in Singapore

The fact that Singapore is a relatively small country does not affect you in any way when it comes to spending your free time during your university studies . Singapore has the largest tropical park in the world, and there are many famous tourist sites in Singapore, including: Marina Bay Sands Gardens on the Bay, which is one of the places that a student should visit during the first months in Singapore to get to know the city better.

Shopping malls and open food streets in Singapore are among the busiest in the country, with a mix of many Asian and western foods available at cheap prices everywhere. Singapore also has the infamous Sentosa and Universal Studios, where students can get the best of both worlds, eitherrelaxing on the beach, or horseback riding in the parks. Events, festivals and concerts of big celebrities are held every monthalmost in Singapore, you will not be bored in a country like Singapore there are many activities and adventures every day.

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